What should I do FA General Science or FSC? I am interested in Maths only.

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Staff July 6, 2014

Hi Ali,
It’s good to know that you know the one thing that many of us fail to answer “what you’re good at” and that is you’re good at Math. If you’re interested in Math only I would say that go for Fsc. But you would need to consider other subjects as well including Physics and Chemistry if you’re choosing Pre-engineering. After you’ve completed your Fsc, if still interested in this particular subject, you could go for Bachelors in Mathematics from a reputed institution and become a professor. Don’t make the mistake of opting a career that people say has the highest scope haunt you for the rest of your life because remember you have your own life and don’t let others be the judge of it.
Good Luck :)

Anonymous July 8, 2014

Go for FSc Man.. You would not get a good job with an FA

Anonymous July 8, 2014

Fsc sounds good! Although FA has a course of mathematics in it but FA is useless to men! Larkiyon k hi kam ata h. Fsc is a good option..! 


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